We are not about the start-up. 
We are about the scale-up.



Letʼs Grow

Inspired ideas and concepts come from anywhere. When an entrepreneur observes a problem, feels some pain, or experiences some pleasure, the spark of innovation can be ignited. Growing a concept into a thriving, valuable enterprise is a messy, challenging process rife with unexpected obstacles. The right levels of advice, support, and investment can accelerate growth and value creation.

The Growth Society is an Atlanta-based innovation accelerator dedicated to the development and growth of valuable concepts and companies that enhance the human experience. Founded in 2012, The Growth Society is a select group of leaders, brand builders, and investors who believe in the accelerated development of entrepreneurs and their concepts to generate significant growth and value. This closely-held community—The Society—focuses its efforts on four critical growth activities: strategic plans, tactical partnerships, network engagement, and investment.

We believe there is a special relationship between dreaming and doing. And while healthy growth comes from the combined efforts of both, we have experienced the dynamics needed to unlock and optimize value. We have a proven track record of growing early stage companies to achieve successful outcomes. We have been there before, and have insights into what works. 

We seek early stage companies with revenues of $1 million to $10 million annually. Companies that are addressing a large market opportunity, have some level of proof of concept, enthusiastic customers, and a desire to establish a purpose-driven culture. Additionally, we have special interest in concepts that are related to reinventions, conscious capitalism, and biophilic design.


Why We Do It

We only invest in concepts where we play a strategic partner role in the growth side of the business. We intend to be a financial partner and a strategic partner. Having skin in the game is better for everyone and our historical returns support this approach. We invest early and build positions over time. A committed capital structure allows us to make long-term commitments and inject both brand building plans, network leverage and support. We believe investing slowly, with conviction around a purpose, is the best way to realize opportunities that will achieve significant scale and deliver the highest long-term value to stakeholders.

We expect to make a small number of investments—one, two, perhaps three annually—with initial investments within the typical early stage, pre Series A range. Our collective experience as a partnership, combined with the scale of our personal networks more broadly, is particularly useful in key areas like brand building, growth strategies, cultural management, sales enablement, and organizational development.