Dear Entrepreneur,


Who We Are Interested In

We believe the future belongs to the innovators. Innovators come from a myriad of backgrounds, spanning diverse experiences and generations. Our common link is the desire to create something that will enhance the human experience. We work closely with and invest in entrepreneurs who are committed to driving their concepts forward and would benefit from our brand of financial and strategic partnerships.

Our investment thesis is focused on the development and “scale-up” of companies and concepts that have customers, early-stage proof of concept, and annual revenues of $1 million - $10 million. We have special interest in concepts related to reinventions, conscious capitalism, and biophilic design.

If you fit this model, we would like to have a conversation with you about your ideas, plans, and aspirations. Unlike a traditional incubator or accelerator, we don't have formal classes or group cohorts—although we insist on deep, customized collaboration. We tailor our investment, mentoring, and concept development approaches to fit your needs and that of the enterprise. We’ll use our conversations and a few fundamental items to assess growth opportunity and fit, and to establish the best way for us to work together. We have a two funnel process, we are glad to explain it to you when the time comes.

What We Offer

Simply put, we offer three things: brand building (strategic plans and tactical partnerships), leadership and network capabilities, and investment resources. With each unique opportunity, we collaborate with you to craft a plan and roadmap for growth. Together we plan the work, then work the plan.

To inquire about your candidacy and our services, please contact





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