We are not about the start-up. 
We are about the scale-up.



Letʼs Grow

The Growth Society is an Atlanta-based innovation accelerator dedicated to the development and growth of valuable ideas that enhance the human experience. Founded in 2012, The Growth Society is a select group of individuals, leaders and investors who believe in the proper development of leaders and concepts that generate growth and value. This closely-held community—The Society—focuses its efforts on three critical growth activities: investment, mentoring and brand building.

We believe there is a special relationship between the dreamers and the doers. And while healthy growth comes from the combined efforts of both, we have experienced the dynamics needed to unlock and optimize value of any inspired concept. We believe that innovation generally comes from two areas: the “start-up” community and the “entrepreneur within” the corporate landscape. To foster this, we have programs for the development of the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur.

Why We Do It

Based on the collective knowledge and experience of The Society, we have learned what it takes to grow concepts from early, fledgling stages into sustainable, successful businesses. We also understand what innovators need and benefit from the most: appropriate capital, prudent advice, and the correct growth engines. By focusing on these three critical areas, we are accelerating the efforts of the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur through challenging territory and making sound investments that generate attractive returns for those involved. We have been there before, and have insights into what works. If you, your team or your corporation have fresh and innovative ways to improve the human experience, we are interested in discussing the appropriate collaboration to make it grow. By sharing our wisdom, you succeed. When you succeed, we all succeed.