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Who We Are Interested In

We believe the future belongs to the innovators. Innovators come from a myriad of backgrounds, spanning diverse experiences and generations. Many come from corporate cultures where the “entrepreneur within” sees vexing problems that require new solutions. Often in corporations there are challenges to find the time and resources to pursue these opportunities and develop new value and concepts. The Growth Society is committed to crafting collaborative ways to unlock that growth and value for mutual benefit—the Intrapreneur, the sponsoring corporation and The Growth Society.

If you are associated with a corporation who is committed to driving new concepts forward, we would like to have a conversation with you about your ideas, concepts, plans and aspirations. Included in that discussion is a review of the idea, the market problem that it solves, and the potential growth trajectory. For a more comprehensive review of associated items we’d like to learn more about contact us at Additionally, we need to understand how this adds value to your current corporation. Once the mutual benefits are understood and the potential growth opportunity plotted, we collaborate on a roadmap of development that includes mentoring, off-site working sessions, concept building and market testing. This results in a clearly-stated and well-researched business plan over the course of one to three months depending on the concept. Recommendations are made to all partners, and the appropriate next steps of investment and resources are defined and implemented.

What We Offer

For the intrapreneur and the sponsoring company, we initially offer concept evaluation, market analysis, customer discovery, off-site work space, and a “bootcamp work plan” to quickly advance the development of the concept. Following the bootcamp and the resulting optimized business plan, an agreement can be made to “scale up” the concept leveraging three offerings: investment resources, mentoring services, and brand development. It all starts with an evaluation period, followed by definition of terms, responsibilities and plan. Together, we plan the work, then work the plan.

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